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French Government Presents Third Amending Budget for 2020 Including Social Contribution Relief — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

On 10 June 2020, the French government announced the presentation of an amending finance bill for 2020 for the third amending budget for the year, which includes additional relief measures in response to COVID-19. The main measures include social contribution relief for affected sectors and companies, including an exemption from employer social contributions for very small, small, and medium-sized enterprises in the hotel, catering, culture, events, sports, air transport sectors, as well as for very small enterprises that have been banned from opening to the public, particularly in the non-food retail sector.

In addition, employer contribution discounts may be granted on request for small businesses that have suffered a loss of activity of more than 50%. Companies can also benefit from a deferral of contributions for up 36 months for contributions due from April to June 2020.

It has also been separately announced that the government is providing further relief for the construction sector. This includes that companies with less than 50 employees that have suffered significant turnover losses will be able to benefit from social contribution rebates of up to 50% on their installments from March to May 2020 on request. Payment of deferred contributions over a period of up to 36 months is also provided for such companies.

Further, it is provided that companies subject to corporate tax may request, from 2020, the immediate reimbursement of their stock of receivables carried over from their deficits, as well as receivables that would come to be recognized in 2020 due to the losses linked to this health crisis.