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South Africa Publishes Revised Draft List of Jurisdictions for CbC Exchange Purposes — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has published a revised draft list of jurisdictions for CbC exchange purposes in relation to the secondary local filing requirements in South Africa's CbC reporting regulations ({News-2016-12-27/A/4-previous coverage}). The revised draft updates and expands upon the initial draft ({News-2017-09-07/T/3-previous coverage}), including further information on when secondary local filing applies, as well as additional details on the jurisdictions with which exchange agreements are in place and the reporting fiscal years for which the exchange is effective. The draft also notes that in addition to referring to the SARS list to assist in determining if a local filing obligation exists, companies may also refer to the OECD's Country-by-Country exchange relationships webpage.

Comments on the revised draft must be submitted by 3 November 2017. A final list is to be issued by the end of November, but given the ongoing activations of CbC exchange relationships, it may be subject to additional changes.