European Union Tax News

EU Tax Observatory Issues Report on Tax Competition Including Recommended Measures 24 November 2021
Cyprus further extends non-application of administrative fines for DAC6 submissions until 31 January 2022 and issues circular on DAC6 penalties 24 November 2021
Thailand amends Revenue Code to facilitate international exchange of tax information 24 November 2021
European Commission Further Extends State Aid Temporary Framework for COVID-19 23 November 2021
Italy issues draft guidance on hybrid mismatches 23 November 2021
European Commission Appeal in Amazon State Aid Case Published 18 November 2021
European Commission Closes Infringement Proceedings Regarding Denmark's Implementation of the ATAD CFC Rules 17 November 2021
European Commission Infringement Package for October 2021 Includes Issues for Denmark, Croatia, Lithuania, and Spain 15 November 2021
European Parliament Gives Final Approval to Public CbC Reporting 12 November 2021
European Parliament Set to Approve Public CbC Reporting in Final Vote 11 November 2021
European Parliament provides final approval needed for formal adoption of public CbCR Directive 11 November 2021
Cyprus issues Ministerial Decree on DAC6 Guidelines 4 November 2021
OECD Welcomes G20 Leaders' Joint Declaration Including Call for Implementing Two-Pillar Solution for Global Tax Reform Effective 2023 3 November 2021
European Commission Approves Italian Scheme to Support Companies Hiring Female Workers in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic 2 November 2021
U.S. Trade Representative Announces Arrangement for Resumption of Duty-Free Imports of European Steel and Aluminum 2 November 2021
European Parliament Committees Approve Directive on Public CbC Reporting 1 November 2021
European Commission Approves Modification of Danish Aid Scheme for Maritime Transport 28 October 2021
European Commission Adopts 2022 Work Programme 26 October 2021
European Parliament Approves Resolution Calling for U.S. to Join Common Reporting Standard 25 October 2021
EU Council Conclusions on the Revised List of Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions Published 19 October 2021
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 39) | Shifting international tax landscape may bring greater tax controversy risks 19 October 2021
Hong Kong reiterates its commitment to BEPS 2.0 project 19 October 2021
European Commission Approves EUR 31.9 Billion Italian Scheme to Support Companies Affected by COVID-19 18 October 2021
G20 Finance Ministers Endorse Final Political Agreement on OECD Two-Pillar Solution for International Tax Reform 15 October 2021
Statement of Reasons Published Regarding Council of the EU's Approval of Public CbC Reporting 15 October 2021
European Commission Adopts Communication on a Toolbox for Action and Support to Tackle Rising Energy Prices 15 October 2021
Luxembourg’s Reverse Hybrid Entity Rule effective as from tax year 2022 14 October 2021
Council Implementing Decision Published Authorizing Poland's VAT Threshold 13 October 2021
European Commission Withdraws UK Referral to Court of Justice for Failing to Recover State Aid in Gibraltar 12 October 2021
European Parliament Adopts Resolution on Reforming the EU Policy on Harmful Tax Practices 12 October 2021