European Union Tax News

Luxembourg Tax Authorities issue guidance on the “equity escape clause” under interest limitation rules 16 June 2021
European Commission Approves Italian Tax Credit Scheme to Support Audio-Visual Production Companies Affected by COVID-19 15 June 2021
Turkey sets effective date for Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement on Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information 15 June 2021
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 35) | Future proof now, not later, as transfer pricing scrutiny evolves 15 June 2021
G7 Leaders Endorse Finance Ministers Agreement on Global Minimum Tax 14 June 2021
Final Compromise Text Published for Public CbC Reporting Directive 11 June 2021
European Commission Announces Proposed EU Budget for 2022 11 June 2021
European Parliament Issues Release on Support of Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate 11 June 2021
Jersey and Guernsey to extend economic substance rules to partnerships 11 June 2021
Proposals for New EU Revenue Streams Based on a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, a Digital Levy, and the EU Emissions Trading System 10 June 2021
European Commission Infringement Package for June 2021 Includes Issues for Bulgaria, Germany, and Sweden 10 June 2021
EU Council Establishing New Working Party for all Tax Matters 10 June 2021
EU Council Presidency Proposing Phase-Out of Reduced VAT Rates for Products Negatively Impacting Climate 9 June 2021
European Commission Issues Release on Public Consultation on New Initiative to Fight the Abusive Use of Shell Companies 9 June 2021
CJEU Issues Decision on Permanent Establishment and VAT Liability of Jersey Company Letting Out Property in Austria 7 June 2021
G7 Finance Ministers Reach Agreement on Global Minimum Tax and Market Country Taxing Rights 7 June 2021
Cyprus Opposes Global Minimum Tax 7 June 2021
Romania amends MDR legislation 7 June 2021
Cyprus announces extension of the non-application of administrative fines for DAC6 submissions until 30 September 2021 and an update to the Cypriot XML schema 4 June 2021
Political Agreement Reached on Public CbC Reporting in the EU 3 June 2021
European Commission Announces Launch of New Tax Observatory to Support Fight Against Tax Abuse 3 June 2021
Denmark passes bill on CFC taxation 3 June 2021
EU co-legislators reach agreement on public CbCR 2 June 2021
IMF Publishes Paper on Taxing Multinationals in Europe 1 June 2021
European Commission Launches Public Consultation on Roadmap to Fight the Use of Shell Entities and Arrangements for Tax Purposes 28 May 2021
European Commission Approves Danish Tax Deferral Schemes to Support SMEs Affected by COVID-19 28 May 2021
EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council Discusses Environmental Taxation 26 May 2021
Latest Proposal for Public CbC Reporting in the EU Includes Compromise on Disaggregated Data for Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions 26 May 2021
CJEU Holds Bulgaria May Impose Default Interest in Relation to Joint and Several Liability for VAT Obligations 26 May 2021
European Commission Response to Concerns Over Poland's Draft Law for Advertising Tax on Digital and Conventional Advertising 25 May 2021