European Union Tax News

Council of the European Union Publishes Updated Overview of Preferential Tax Regimes Examined by the Code of Conduct Group (Business Taxation) 20 April 2021
CJEU Holds Third Country Mobile Phone Service Provider Subject to VAT for Roaming Services in Austria 19 April 2021
Issues Remain on Implementation of Public CbC Reporting in the EU 16 April 2021
European Commission Proposes VAT Exemption for Vital Goods and Services Distributed by the EU During Times of Crisis 14 April 2021
G20 Finance Ministers OECD Tax Report and Meeting Communiqué Published 9 April 2021
Spanish Government publishes MDR Regulations 8 April 2021
Proposal for Council Implementing Decisions Published to Authorize Malta to Increase VAT Registration Threshold for Certain Service Providers 6 April 2021
Cyprus law to implement Mandatory Disclosure Rules enters into force 2 April 2021
German Ministry of Finance publishes final MDR guidance 1 April 2021
Belgian Court of Appeal issues decisions on tax abuse – application of the CJEU Danish cases 29 March 2021
Members of European Parliament Call for Reset of International Tax Rules 26 March 2021
German Government agrees on draft ATAD implementation law 26 March 2021
Dutch Government releases legislative proposal introducing withholding tax on dividend payments to low-taxed jurisdictions, hybrid entities or in certain abusive situations as of 2024 26 March 2021
Spanish Supreme Court issues favorable decisions on reclaims by non-Spanish sovereign funds 25 March 2021
European Council Adopts Directive on Exchange of Information on Income Generated through Digital Platforms (DAC7) 23 March 2021
EU adopts tax transparency rules for digital platforms (DAC7) 23 March 2021
European Commission Refers UK to Court of Justice for Failing to Recover State Aid in Gibraltar 22 March 2021
Cyprus approves legislation to implement Mandatory Disclosure Rules 19 March 2021
Eurogroup Statement on the Euro Area Fiscal Policy Response to the COVID-19 Crisis and the Path Forward 18 March 2021
European Commission Approves Expansion of Dutch Fixed Cost Scheme to Support Companies Affected by COVID-19 Outbreak 18 March 2021
CJEU Upholds General Court Finding that Polish Tax on the Retail Sector and Hungarian Advertisement Tax do Not Infringe EU State Aid Rules 17 March 2021
Spain implements EU ATAD 2: Detailed analysis 17 March 2021
European Commission Launches Consultation on Simplified Procedures for Better Tax Compliance 16 March 2021
European Commission Approves Polish Scheme to Further Support Companies Affected by the COVID-19 Outbreak 15 March 2021
European Parliament Notes Discussion on Tax Avoidance Including Need for Public CbC Reporting 15 March 2021
European Commission Launches Consultation on Extending Scope of Administrative Cooperation Directive to Crypto-Assets and e-Money 15 March 2021
CJEU Rules on Danske Bank VAT Case 12 March 2021
European Parliament Adopts DAC7 Proposal with Amendments 12 March 2021
European Commission Approves French Scheme to Support Uncovered Fixed Costs of Companies Affected by the COVID-19 Outbreak 12 March 2021
European Commission Approves Danish Tax Deferral Scheme to Support SMEs Affected by COVID-19 11 March 2021