European Union Tax News

Gibraltar Issues Notice on Continued Tax Information Exchange Under EU Directives Following Brexit 23 December 2020
Proposal for Council Implementing Decision Published Authorizing Lithuania to Increase VAT Exemption Threshold 23 December 2020
European Commission Welcomes the Adoption of the EU's Long-Term Budget for 2021-2027 22 December 2020
Czech Tax Authority issues guidance on selected DAC6 questions 22 December 2020
European Commission Announces Brexit Withdrawal Agreement to be Fully Operational on 1 January 2021 21 December 2020
French Tax Authorities publish specifications for reporting of cross-border arrangements under DAC6 and MDR 18 December 2020
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 29) | What’s next for tax policy and controversy in Asia-Pacific? 15 December 2020
UK Introduces Taxation (Post-Transition Period) Bill 11 December 2020
European Commission Welcomes VAT Relief for Vaccines and Testing Kits 9 December 2020
European Commission Announces Decisions that Italian Tax Exemptions for Ports and Portugal's Madeira Free Zone Scheme are Illegal State Aid 7 December 2020
EU Finance Ministers consider tax priorities and expansion of DAC obligations 7 December 2020
European Commission Announces Proposal for a New Forward-Looking Transatlantic Agenda 4 December 2020
European Commission Considering Digital Levy that Could be Replaced or Appy in Addition to an International Solution 4 December 2020
AG Opinion Recommends the CJEU to Set Aside the EU General Court's Annulment of Commission State Aid Decision on Belgium Tax Rulings 4 December 2020
Italy publishes ministerial guidance on Mandatory Disclosure Rules 4 December 2020
European Commission Issues Release on Agreement by Member States on New Tax Transparency Rules for Digital Platforms 3 December 2020
Luxembourg Tax Authorities clarify application of EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive with respect to Gibraltar companies 3 December 2020
Council of the EU Adopts Conclusions on Fair and Effective Taxation 2 December 2020
Spain releases draft Bill implementing ATAD 2 for public consultation 2 December 2020
France publishes final guidance on Mandatory Disclosure Rules 2 December 2020
Austria to enact new interest limitation rule in accordance with EU ATAD as of 2021 1 December 2020
EU Member States Reach Consensus on DAC7 for Digital Platforms 25 November 2020
European Commission Publishes Roadmap to Extend Scope of Directive on Administrative Cooperation to Crypto-Assets and e-Money 25 November 2020
Gibraltar’s Mandatory Disclosure Regime 23 November 2020
UK proposes to amend hybrid and other mismatches regime – implications for US multinationals 17 November 2020
Council Implementing Decisions Published to Extend Authorization of Croatia's and Malta's Increased VAT Registration Thresholds 13 November 2020
European Commission President Speaks on Fair Taxation of the Digital Economy at EU Ambassadors' Conference 2020 12 November 2020
European Commission Welcomes Agreement on EUR 1.8 Trillion Budget Package to Help Build a Greener, More Digital, and More Resilient Europe 12 November 2020
The EU Puts Countermeasures in Place Against U.S. Exports 11 November 2020
European Commission Seeking Feedback on Roadmap for Initiative on Simplified Procedures for Better Tax Compliance 4 November 2020