European Union Tax News

G20 Finance Ministers Communiqué Published Following Fukuoka Meeting 11 June 2019
Germany Ready to Move Forward with Financial Transactions Tax Unilaterally if No Agreement Reached in the EU 30 May 2019
EU General Court Annuls Commission State Aid Decision on Poland's Retail Sales Tax 28 May 2019
Aruba, Barbados and Bermuda Removed from EU Non-Cooperative List 22 May 2019
EU Finance Ministers Discuss Digital Tax and Worldwide Minimum Tax at Brussels Meeting 21 May 2019
European Commission Announces New Tool to Reduce VAT Fraud 17 May 2019
EU Greens/EFA Political Group Announces 10-Point Plan for European Tax Justice 16 May 2019
European Economic and Social Committee Publishes Opinion on Proposed Definitive VAT System 15 May 2019
Aruba, Barbados, and Bermuda to be Removed from EU Non-Cooperative List 14 May 2019
European Commission Publishes Non-Confidential Version of Decision to Open State Aid Investigation into Luxembourg Tax Rulings on Interest-Free Loans 9 May 2019
European Commission Notes Upcoming EU Leaders Summit Including a Drive for a Fair and Effective Tax System in the EU 8 May 2019
European Commission Publishes Decision that UK Group Financing Exemption under CFC Rules Constituted Illegal State Aid for Certain Multinationals 29 April 2019
European Commission Proposes VAT and Excise Duty Exemption for Supplies to Armed Forces 26 April 2019
European Commission President Addresses Brexit Extension in Parliament 18 April 2019
Negotiations Continue on EU Financial Transactions Tax 18 April 2019
European Commission Announces Green Light to Start Trade Negotiations with the U.S. 17 April 2019
Letter from European Council President Ahead of Meeting to Discuss Brexit Extension Request 10 April 2019
U.S. Congressmen Urges Trump Administration to Use Any Necessary Tools to Combat Discriminatory Tax Proposals Targeting U.S. Businesses 8 April 2019
UK House of Commons Approves Bill to Further Delay Brexit 5 April 2019
European Commission Finds Group Financing Exemption under UK CFC Rules Constituted Illegal State Aid for Certain Multinationals 4 April 2019
European Commission Suspends Slovak Republic's Turnover Tax on Food Retail Sector Pending State Aid Investigation 4 April 2019
UK House of Commons Rejects Brexit Options in Second Round of Indicative Votes 2 April 2019
WTO Issues Report on Boeing Subsidies Dispute between the EU and the U.S. with Both Claiming Victory 1 April 2019
UK Looking at 12 April 2019 Exit from the EU After Failing to Approve Exit Agreement for the Third Time 1 April 2019
UK HMRC Issues Impact Assessment for VAT and Services if the UK Leaves the EU Without a Deal 29 March 2019
EU Council Conclusions Published on the Revised List of Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions 29 March 2019
European Parliament Adopts Final Report and Recommendations from TAX3 Special Committee 28 March 2019
European Commission Ready for No-Deal Brexit Scenario 28 March 2019
UK HMRC Publishes Guidance on Changes to Deduction of Tax on Interest, Royalties, and Dividends if UK Leaves EU Without a Deal 22 March 2019
EU Parliament Publishes Final Report from TAX3 Special Committee 22 March 2019