European Union Tax News

European Commission Publishes Non-Confidential Version of Decision that Luxembourg did Not Grant Illegal State Aid to McDonald's 19 December 2018
European Commission Presents Proposed VAT Measures for E-Commerce Including Online Marketplace VAT Obligations 13 December 2018
European Commission Notice Published on EU Member States with Interest Limitation Rules Equally Effective to ATAD 12 December 2018
CJEU Holds the UK May Unilaterally Revoke its Article 50 Notification on Withdrawing from the EU 12 December 2018
EU VAT Quick Fix Directive and Regulations Published in the Official Journal 11 December 2018
U.S. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Applauds EU "Abandonment" of Tax Proposal on Digital Services 6 December 2018
ECOFIN Fails to Reach Agreement on EU Digital Services Tax but Efforts to Continue 5 December 2018
G20 Declaration Published following Leader's Summit in Buenos Aires 3 December 2018
Ireland to Vote Against EU Digital Services Tax in Upcoming ECOFIN Meeting 30 November 2018
CJEU Holds Differing French Tax Treatment of Dividends Received by Resident and Non-Resident Loss-Making Companies Violates EU Law 28 November 2018
European Council Endorses Brexit Agreement 27 November 2018
Update - General Court of the European Union Dismisses Appeals in Spanish Goodwill State Aid Case 26 November 2018
EU Directive Published Allowing Reduced VAT Rates on E-Publications 19 November 2018
EU Council Presidency to Put Forward Three Options on Digital Services Tax Implementation in Relation to Waiting for International Consensus 19 November 2018
European Commission Announces Agreement Reached with the UK on Brexit 16 November 2018
Council Implementing Decision Published Authorizing Slovenia to Extend Increased VAT Registration Threshold 16 November 2018
EU Directive Adopted Allowing Reduced VAT Rates on E-Publications 8 November 2018
Namibia Removed from EU Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions List 7 November 2018
Progress Made and Differences Remain on EU Digital Services Tax Following ECOFIN Meeting 7 November 2018
EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum Publishes Report on a Coordinated Approach to Transfer Pricing Controls Within the EU 1 November 2018
Namibia to be Removed from EU Non-Cooperative List 30 October 2018
U.S. Treasury Pushing Against Unilateral Action on Taxing Digital Sales 29 October 2018
European Parliament Committee Publishes Draft Reports on Proposed Amendments to Commission Proposals for the Taxation of the Digital Economy 25 October 2018
U.S. Senate Committee on Finance Publishes Letter to European Council and Commission on Concerns with Proposed Digital Services Tax 24 October 2018
European Commission Withdraws Court Action Against Ireland Regarding Apple State Aid Recovery 23 October 2018
Council Implementing Decision Published Authorizing Hungary VAT Registration Threshold Increase from 2019 18 October 2018
European Commission Approves Extension of Danish Tonnage Tax Regime to Additional Vessel Types 17 October 2018
EU Council Legal Service Finds Legal Basis Issues with Proposed Digital Services Tax 12 October 2018
Slovak Government Approves Draft Law for Implementation of EU Directive on Dispute Resolution 10 October 2018
Palau Removed from EU Non-Cooperative List and Liechtenstein and Peru Removed from Grey List 4 October 2018