European Union Tax News

European Commission Adopts Communication on Preparing for Brexit 24 July 2018
European Economic and Social Committee Publishes Opinion on Taxation of Profits of Multinationals in the Digital Economy 17 July 2018
UK White Paper Published on the Future Relationship with the European Union 17 July 2018
European Commission Adopts New Best Practices Code for State Aid Control 17 July 2018
European Commission Opens State Aid Investigation into Portugal's Madeira Free Zone 10 July 2018
UK Government Issues Statement on Economic Relationship with EU post-Brexit 10 July 2018
CJEU Holds Danish Restriction on Offset of Losses of Non-Resident's Danish PE Violates Freedom of Establishment if No Other Possibility to Deduct 10 July 2018
CJEU Annuls Commission Decision that German Loss Forfeiture Exception Constitutes Illegal State Aid 6 July 2018
The Netherlands Publishes Point of View in Starbucks State Aid Appeal 5 July 2018
CJEU Holds Differing Tax Treatment of Danish and Non-Resident UCITS Violates Free Movement of Capital 26 June 2018
European Council Agrees on Draft Regulation for Administrative Cooperation to Prevent VAT Fraud 26 June 2018
European Council Adopts Directive Making 15% Minimum Standard VAT Rate Permanent 25 June 2018
European Commission Finds Luxembourg Granted Illegal State Aid to Gas Company Engie with Rulings on Hybrid Financing Arrangements 22 June 2018
German-French Common Position Paper Supporting CCTB Proposal with Amendments 22 June 2018
Opposition to EU Public CbC Reporting Proposal Remains 18 June 2018
CJEU Holds Danish Non-Resident Establishment Loss Restriction Violates Freedom of Establishment if Losses are Definitive 13 June 2018
EU Directive on Cross-Border Tax-Planning Arrangements Disclosure Published 13 June 2018
The UK Publishes Technical Note on Proposal for Temporary Customs Arrangement Following Brexit 12 June 2018
Joint Statement Issued from Denmark, Finland, and Sweden on Need for Global Consensus for Taxing the Digital Economy Rather than Unilateral EU Proposals 4 June 2018
CJEU Holds German Law on Arm's Length Pricing Complies with Freedom of Establishment and Principle of Proportionality 4 June 2018
European Commission Proposes Technical Measures to Create a Future Fraud-Proof EU VAT System 30 May 2018
EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council Decides on Tax Planning Disclosure, Removal of Jurisdictions from Non-Cooperative List, and Others 29 May 2018
Four EU National Parliaments Formally Object to Commission Proposal for Taxing the Digital Economy 22 May 2018
Apple Makes First Payment for Ireland State Aid; EU Court Holds U.S. May Not Intervene in Pending Appeal 21 May 2018
European Commission Renews State Aid Approval for UK Enterprise Management Initiative Scheme 17 May 2018
Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council Looking to Make BEPS Interest Deduction Restriction Rules a Minimum Standard 17 May 2018
European Council Adopts Fifth EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive 16 May 2018
The Bahamas and Saint Kitts and Nevis to be Removed from EU Non-Cooperative List 16 May 2018
European Commission Proposes New Company Law Rules to Simplify Company Formation and Reorganization within the Single Market 27 April 2018
Apple to begin Repayment of Illegal State Aid to Ireland 26 April 2018