European Union Tax News

Apple to begin Repayment of Illegal State Aid to Ireland 26 April 2018
European Commission Clears Ireland's Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Tax 25 April 2018
European Parliament Approves Fifth Update to EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive 23 April 2018
CJEU Holds that Member States Must Apply Their Own Mechanism for Adjustments for VAT Deductions Claimed on Exempt Supplies 13 April 2018
European Commission Publishes Non-Confidential Version of Decision to Open State Aid investigation into the Netherlands' Tax Treatment of IKEA 29 March 2018
CJEU Confirms that Italy may Impose both Administrative and Criminal Penalties for VAT Noncompliance 29 March 2018
European Council Adopts Guidelines on Framework for Post-Brexit Relations with UK 27 March 2018
CJEU Holds Slovak VAT Refund Period Limit may not Apply if Claimant was Initially Unaware that VAT was Due on Supply 23 March 2018
European Commission Puts in Place First Counter Measures for EU List of Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions 23 March 2018
G20 Finance Ministers Communiqué Published following Buenos Aires Meeting 22 March 2018
UK Draft Agreement on Withdrawal from the EU including Transition for VAT and Excise Duty 22 March 2018
European Commission Proposes New Measures to Ensure that Digital Businesses Pay Fair Tax in the EU 22 March 2018
EU Parliament Approves Plans for Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base including Concept of Digital Presence 19 March 2018
Three Jurisdictions Removed and Three Added to EU list of Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions 14 March 2018
European Council Reaches Agreement on Draft Directive on Tax Planning Scheme Reporting 14 March 2018
Three Jurisdictions to be Removed from EU Non-Cooperative List 8 March 2018
Council Implementing Decision Published Authorizing Malta VAT Registration Threshold Increase from 2018 6 March 2018
EU Parliament Gives Final Approval for New Special Committee on Financial Crimes, Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance 5 March 2018
European Commission Publishes Non-Confidential Version of Decision that Luxembourg Granted Illegal State Aid to Amazon 28 February 2018
EU Parliament Committee Approves Plan for Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base 23 February 2018
CJEU Holds Dutch Consolidation Regime Violates EU Law in Relation to Interest Deduction Restriction but not Currency Loss Deduction Restriction 23 February 2018
European Parliament Establishes Third TAXE Committee 12 February 2018
EU Signs VAT Agreement with Norway 8 February 2018
European Commission State Aid Decision on Poland Retail Sales Tax Published 7 February 2018
European Commission Publishes Notice on Customs and Indirect Taxation Consequences of Brexit 6 February 2018
Tax Policy Roadmap of the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council Published 6 February 2018
EU Council Continues Support for CCCTB but Changes in Proposal may be Made 25 January 2018
Eight Jurisdictions Removed from EU Non-Cooperative List 24 January 2018
CJEU Holds Principal Element of a Supply Determines VAT Rate 22 January 2018
European Commission Proposes New Rules to Give Member States more Flexibility on VAT Rates and to Create a Better Tax Environment for SMEs 19 January 2018