European Union Tax News

EU Council (ECOFIN) Approves Directive on Dispute Resolution 12 October 2017
European Commission Finds Luxembourg Granted Illegal State Aid to Amazon 5 October 2017
European Commission Announces Plans for EU VAT Reform 5 October 2017
EU Draft Directive on Dispute Resolution 4 October 2017
Council Implementing Decision Published Approving Croatia Increased VAT Registration Threshold 4 October 2017
European Commission to Propose a Single EU VAT Area to Address VAT Fraud 2 October 2017
French President Speaks on Proposals for EU Tax Measures including Standardized Corporate Tax Rates 29 September 2017
European Commission Issues Communication on Taxation of the Digital Economy 22 September 2017
Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Romania, and Slovenia Support Equalization Tax on Digital Companies 20 September 2017
Proposals for Taxation of Digital Companies in the EU 14 September 2017
CJEU Finds it has Jurisdiction and Issues Judgment in Dispute Involving Austria-Germany Tax Treaty 14 September 2017
CJEU Holds EU Law Precludes French Anti-Abuse Restrictions on Dividend Exemption under Parent-Subsidiary Directive 11 September 2017
WTO Appellate Body Reverses Panel Finding on Boeing Tax Breaks 7 September 2017
European Commission Launches Consultation on Reducing Barriers to Post-Trade Services Including Inefficient Withholding Taxes Procedures 28 August 2017
UK Publishes Policy Paper on Enforcement and Dispute Resolution following Brexit 25 August 2017
Poland Planning to Maintain Retail Sales Tax but Suspend Implementation to 2019 18 August 2017
EU Commission Publishes Draft Report on Economic Valuation Techniques in Transfer Pricing 17 August 2017
EU Taxation Paper on R&D Provisions under a Common Corporate Tax Base 15 August 2017
Estonian Presidency Tables Four EU Tax Initiatives 9 August 2017
Proposed Council Implementing Decision to Approve Lithuania's Increased VAT Registration Threshold 8 August 2017
Belgian Parliament Approves Legislation to Transpose EU Directives on CbC Report and Tax Ruling Exchange 1 August 2017
European Commission Announces Decision Requiring Belgium and France to Abolish Tax Exemption for Ports 31 July 2017
European Commission calls on Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Portugal to Implement Tax Ruling Exchange Rules 14 July 2017
European Commission Publishes Taxation Trends Report 2017 13 July 2017
EU Council Publishes Estonian Presidency Roadmap for Addressing BEPS 12 July 2017
EU Parliament Approves Directive on the Protection of EU Financial Interests 10 July 2017
G20 Leaders' Declaration Published following Hamburg Summit 10 July 2017
CJEU Holds Transport Services Not Supplied Directly to the Consignor or the Consignee are Not Eligible for VAT Exemption 5 July 2017
EU Parliament Approves Proposal for Directive on Public CbC Reporting 5 July 2017
European Commission Finds Poland's Retail Tax in Breach of State Aid Rules 3 July 2017