European Union Tax News

European Council Adopts Directive on Hybrid Mismatches Involving non-EU Countries 31 May 2017
Hungary Amends Advertising Tax to Comply with EU State Aid Rules 30 May 2017
EU Council Agrees on Draft Directive on Dispute Resolution with Certain Compromises 24 May 2017
EU Council Authorizes Start of Brexit Negotiations 24 May 2017
CJEU Judgment Published on Compatibility of Belgian Fairness Tax with EU Law 19 May 2017
Estonian Prime Minister Speaks on Plans for Upcoming EU Presidency 19 May 2017
European Commission Requests France to Abolish Withholding Tax Imposed on EU/EEA Companies in Deficit 19 May 2017
European Commission Publishes Updated VAT MOSS Rules for All Member States 16 May 2017
CJEU Holds Property Transfer to Settle Polish Tax Debt Not Subject to VAT 15 May 2017
EU Preparing to Move Forward on Public CbC Reporting Directive with Compromises 15 May 2017
EU Parliament Publishes Briefing Papers on CCTB and CCCTB 8 May 2017
European Commission Recommendation to Open Brexit Negotiations 5 May 2017
EU Parliament Committee Approves Reduce VAT Rate for E-Books 5 May 2017
EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum Publishes Adopted Report on the Use of Comparables in the EU 4 May 2017
European Council Guidelines for Brexit Published 3 May 2017
AG Opinion Issued on whether Belgian Rules Restricting Interest Deductions Violates Parent-Subsidiary Directive 2 May 2017
EU Parliament Approves Amendments to Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive to Close Mismatch Loopholes 1 May 2017
AG Opinion Issued on Dispute Involving Austria-Germany Tax Treaty and the Limits of Its Jurisdiction in Resolving Such Disputes 1 May 2017
EU Council Adopts Directive on the Protection of EU Financial Interests 27 April 2017
CJEU Holds Italy May Penalize both Companies and Legal Representatives for VAT Noncompliance 10 April 2017
UK to Convert Existing EU Law into Domestic Law as Part of Great Repeal Bill 3 April 2017
UK Invokes Article 50 for EU Exit 30 March 2017
EU Parliament Draft Report on Directive Allowing Reduced VAT Rate on Digital Publications 29 March 2017
EU Parliament Members Push for Improved Transparency During Recent U.S. Visit 28 March 2017
UK to Initiate EU Exit on 29 March 22 March 2017
G20 Finance Ministers Communiqué Published 22 March 2017
CJEU Holds French Prior Approval Restriction on EU Merger Directive Benefits Incompatible with EU Law 16 March 2017
CJEU Holds Dividends Exemption under Parent-Subsidiary Directive Not Applicable for Dutch Parents Subject to Zero Rate of Tax 10 March 2017
CJEU Holds Restriction on Reduced VAT Rates for Digital Publications does Not Violate Principle of Equal Treatment 9 March 2017
EU Public Consultation on Administrative Cooperation and the Fight against VAT Fraud 6 March 2017