European Union Tax News

EU Commission Notes Entry into Force of Tax Ruling Exchange Requirements 5 January 2017
ECJ Strikes Down Danish Rules Disallowing Exemption of Interest Non-deductible under German Thin-cap Rules 29 December 2016
EU Court Finds in Favor of the European Commission in Spanish Goodwill State Aid Case 23 December 2016
Agreement for the Exchange of Financial Account Information between Andorra and the EU to Enter into Force 23 December 2016
European Commission Launches Public Consultations for a Single European VAT Area 22 December 2016
Revised Directive for Proposed EU Public CbC Reporting 21 December 2016
European Commission Publishes Non-Confidential Version of Apple State Aid Decision / Ireland Publishes Grounds for Appeal 20 December 2016
Legislators Urge Public CbC Reporting at Tax Transparency Summit 13 December 2016
Eurodad Report on Transparency and Taxation Finds Some Improvements as well as Growing Problems 9 December 2016
Council of the EU Adopts Directive on Access to Beneficial Ownership Information 8 December 2016
European Commission Proposes VAT Measures to Support E-Commerce and Online Businesses in the EU 2 December 2016
WTO Rules Boeing Tax Breaks Illegal 30 November 2016
European Parliament Approves Automatic Exchange of Bank Account Information and Access to Beneficial Ownership Information 28 November 2016
Andorra Approves Financial Account Information Exchange Agreement with the EU 21 November 2016
Advocate General Opinion Published on Compatibility of Belgian Fairness Tax with EU Law 21 November 2016
EU Opens Consultation on the Mandatory Disclosure of Tax Planning Schemes 14 November 2016
EU Council Agrees on Access to Beneficial Ownership Information 11 November 2016
Council of the European Union Agrees on Criteria for List of Non-cooperative Jurisdictions 10 November 2016
European Commission Finds Hungarian Advertisement Tax in Breach of EU State Aid Rules 9 November 2016
Council of the European Union Publishes Note on the State of Play of the Financial Transaction Tax 3 November 2016
Advocate General Opinion Issued on Belgian Withholding Tax on Dividends Paid to Dutch Parent Subject to Zero Rate of Tax 28 October 2016
EFTA Surveillance Authority finds that Norway's Interest Deduction Rules Infringe Freedom of Establishment under EEA Agreement 27 October 2016
European Commission Issues EU Tax Reform Proposals including a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base 26 October 2016
EU Council Approves Financial Account Information Exchange Agreement with Monaco 14 October 2016
EU Council Conclusions on Tax Transparency 13 October 2016
European Commission Extends State Aid Investigation into Gibraltar Tax Ruling Procedure 11 October 2016
Ireland's Minister for Finance Speaks to Upper House on Decision to Appeal Apple State Aid Decision 7 October 2016
European Parliament Members call for Commissioners’ Code of Conduct to be Tightened Up in Wake of "Bahamas" Leaks 6 October 2016
European Commission Asks Poland to Implement Financial Account Information Exchange Rules 3 October 2016
"EU Leaks" Platform Launched for Anonymous Whistleblowers on Tax and Other Issues 29 September 2016