European Union Tax News

Ireland's Response to 13 Billion Tax Order for Apple from the European Commission 1 September 2016
EU Commission Illegal State Aid Decision: Ireland Ordered to Recover EUR 13 Billion from Apple 31 August 2016
U.S. Treasury White Paper on European Commission’s State Aid Investigations 30 August 2016
European Commission Invites Comments on State Aid Investigations into Tax Exemptions for Belgian and French Ports 26 August 2016
Advocate General Opinion Issued on Spanish Goodwill State Aid Decision 1 August 2016
European Commission Publishes Updated VAT MOSS Rules for All Member States 29 July 2016
European Commission Notice on Notion of State Aid Published in Official Journal 28 July 2016
EU Commission Launches Consultation on Reduced VAT Rates for Electronically Supplied Publications 28 July 2016
G20 Finance Ministers Issue Communiqué following Chengdu Meeting 27 July 2016
EU Council Slovak Presidency Issues Roadmap on Tackling BEPS Issues 25 July 2016
Netherlands Recovers State Aid from Starbucks 22 July 2016
Czech Republic to Implement Amendments to EU Administrative Cooperation Directive on the Exchange of Tax Rulings 21 July 2016
EU Anti Tax Avoidance Directive Published in Official Journal 20 July 2016
CJEU Holds Portugal Must Allow Non-Resident Financial Institutions to Deduct Expenses on Interest Income Received in Portugal 15 July 2016
EU State aid Investigation into Tax Exemptions for Belgian and French Ports 14 July 2016
EU Council Adopts EU Council Anti Tax Avoidance Directive 14 July 2016
EU and Monaco Sign Agreement for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information 14 July 2016
EU Parliament Approves TAXE 2 Committee Recommendations on Tax Haven Blacklist, Patent Box Rules, CCCTB and Other Actions 8 July 2016
EU Commission Adopts Proposal to Strengthen Transparency and Announces Related Plans 7 July 2016
European Commission Publishes Public Version of Decision on State Aid Implemented by the Netherlands to Starbucks 29 June 2016
High Level Working Party Recommends Suspending Technical Work on EU Interest and Royalties Directive 28 June 2016
Briefing Paper: Brexit Impact on UK Taxation 28 June 2016
EU Commission Reiterates Plans to Relaunch CCCTB 24 June 2016
EU Parliament TAXE 2 Committee Approves Final Report 23 June 2016
EU Council Announces Agreement on Anti Tax Avoidance Directive 22 June 2016
Compromise Accepted on EU Financial Transactions Tax but Final Decision Delayed to September 21 June 2016
ECOFIN Reaches Agreement on Revised Anti Tax Avoidance Directive 20 June 2016
Agreement for the Exchange of Financial Account Information between the EU and San Marino in Force 14 June 2016
European Parliament Establishes "Panama Papers" Committee 10 June 2016
European Parliament Welcomes Proposed Anti Tax Avoidance Directive with Recommended Changes 9 June 2016