European Union Tax News

European Commission Publishes Public Version of Letter to Luxembourg on Formal Investigation into Illegal State Aid Provided to McDonald's 9 June 2016
EU Council Publishes Report on Status of Financial Transaction Tax 8 June 2016
EU CbC Exchange Directive Published 7 June 2016
EU Commission Launches Consultation on Barriers to Cross Border Distribution of Investment Funds 6 June 2016
Switzerland Approves Automatic Exchange of Finance Account Information with Australia and the EU 3 June 2016
European Commission Publishes Notice on Notion of State Aid 27 May 2016
EU Economic and Financial Affairs Council Adopts Directive for Exchange of CbC Reports and Commission Conclusions on VAT; Holds off on Anti Tax Avoidance Directive 26 May 2016
Draft Report from EU Parliament TAXE 2 Committee Published 20 May 2016
Advocate General Opinion Issued that Denmark's Interest Income Exemption Rules do not Restrict Freedom of Establishment 18 May 2016
EU Parliament Welcomes Proposal for Exchange of CbC Reports and Recommends Additional Safeguards 17 May 2016
EU Greens/EFA Publish Report on the Role of the U.S. as a Tax Haven 13 May 2016
EU Council Approves Automatic Financial Account Information Exchange Agreement with San Marino 29 April 2016
All 28 EU Member States Agree to Exchange of Beneficial Ownership Information 25 April 2016
Five EU Countries Announce Plans to Develop Multilateral System for Automatic Exchange of Beneficial Ownership Info and G20 Listens 18 April 2016
Belgium Appeals European Commission Decision that Excess Profit Rulings Violate State Aid Rules 14 April 2016
EU Parliament Extends Minimum 15% VAT through 2018 14 April 2016
European Commission Issues Proposed Directive for Public CbC Reports 13 April 2016
European Commission Issues Action Plan on VAT 8 April 2016
Luxembourg to Implement Amendments to EU Administrative Cooperation Directive on the Exchange of Tax Rulings 29 March 2016
Update - Revised Draft EU Directive for the Exchange of CbC Reports 25 March 2016
European Commission Draft Proposal for Public CbC Reports 24 March 2016
EU Parliament Committee Calls for Greater EU Commission Role in CbC Report Exchange and Stricter CbC Reporting Requirements 18 March 2016
EU Considering Relaxation of Restrictions on Reduced VAT Rates 15 March 2016
U.S. Official Says No Exchange of CbC Reports with Countries that Make Information Public In Response to EU Plans 14 March 2016
Proposed ECOFIN Modification to EU Directive for the Exchange of CbC Reports Includes Optional Filing for Non-EU Parents for 2016 11 March 2016
European Council Agrees on Exchange of CbC Reports in the EU 9 March 2016
U.S. Treasury Responds to Senate Request to Consider Tougher Response to Perceived Targeting of U.S. Companies in EU State Aid Investigations 9 March 2016
European Commissioner Responds to U.S. Treasury's Concerns that State Aid Investigations are Targeting U.S. Multinationals 4 March 2016
EU Council Presidency Issues Roadmap on Tackling BEPS Issues 26 February 2016
Automatic Financial Account Information Exchange Agreement between the EU and Monaco Initialed 24 February 2016