European Union Tax News

EU Implementing Regulation for Payment Information System for Payment Service Providers 14 September 2022
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 50) | Updates to MAP processes may increase taxpayer participation 13 September 2022
Five major EU Member States commit to swift implementation of Pillar Two by any possible legal means 13 September 2022
EU considers electricity revenue cap and windfall tax as part of emergency package 13 September 2022
Ukraine Signs Tax and Customs Cooperation Agreements with the EU 9 September 2022
EU to Introduce Solidarity Contribution for Fossil Fuel Companies 9 September 2022
Italian Court of Cassation holds EU regime on dividend distributions is also applicable to pension funds not qualifying as EU/EEA 8 September 2022
European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs Proposes Digital Levy as New Own Resource if Pillar 1 Implementation is Delayed 31 August 2022
German Chancellor Calls for Majority Voting on Tax Policy and Other Issues in the EU 31 August 2022
European Commission Working on Tax and Social Security Arrangements for Cross-Border Workers in Connection with Telework 18 August 2022
Uruguay intends to change its traditional source criteria for corporate income tax purposes to comply with EU requirements 4 August 2022
Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee on the Proposal for a Global Minimum Level of Taxation for MNE Groups in the EU 1 August 2022
Council Decision Published Authorizing Negotiations with Norway in Fight Against VAT Fraud 29 July 2022
Proposed Council Implementing Decision Authorizing Luxembourg to Extend Increased VAT Registration Threshold 28 July 2022
European Commission Report on VAT in the Digital Age 28 July 2022
German Ministry of Finance issues first draft of Annual Tax Act 2022 including provisions regarding extraterritorial taxation of IP 28 July 2022
European Commission Amends Temporary Crisis Framework to Support the Economy in the Context of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine 25 July 2022
Four New Infringement Procedures Launched Against the UK Regarding Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland 25 July 2022
G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Reaffirm Commitment to Two-Pillar International Tax Package 20 July 2022
Compromise Text of Regulation to Address Distortions Caused by Foreign Subsidies 19 July 2022
European Commission Infringement Package for July 2022 Includes Tax and Customs Issues for Cyprus, Greece, Latvia, Portugal, and Spain 18 July 2022
European Commission Launches Public Consultation on an Initiative to Fight Tax Evasion and Aggressive Tax Planning by Addressing the Role of Enablers 15 July 2022
Italian Court of Cassation holds domestic regime is applicable on distributions to nonresident mutual funds 15 July 2022
Advocate General Finds Italian Tax Regime for Short-Term Rentals Does Not Violate Freedom to Provide Services 14 July 2022
ECOFIN Adopts Legal Acts Enabling Croatia to Introduce the Euro as its Currency 13 July 2022
Programme of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union 12 July 2022
European Commission Consulting Member States on Proposal to Amend State Aid Temporary Crisis Framework 12 July 2022
Italian Tax Authority issues Ministerial Circular on Mandatory Disclosure Rules 11 July 2022
European Parliament Adopts Resolution Denouncing National Vetoes to Undermine Global Tax Deal 8 July 2022
European Commission Waives Customs Duties and VAT on the Import of Life-Saving Equipment for Ukraine 7 July 2022