European Union Tax News

European Commission Launches Public Consultation on Improving Double Taxation Dispute Resolution Mechanisms 19 February 2016
EU Court of Justice Holds Pro-rata Limitation of Tax Credit Compatible with EU Law 18 February 2016
EU and Andorra Conclude Agreement on Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Tax Information 17 February 2016
EU Commission to Investigate IKEA Tax Structuring 17 February 2016
U.S. Treasury Secretary Addresses Concerns with EU State Aid Investigations in Letter to European Commission President 16 February 2016
EU Commission Presents Anti Avoidance Measures Package 29 January 2016
Belgium Planning to Drop its Support of an EU Financial Transactions Tax 25 January 2016
U.S. Senate Finance Committee Requests that Treasury Caution the EU Commission on EU State Aid Investigations Impacting U.S. Companies 20 January 2016
EU Commission to Present Action Plan on Countering VAT Fraud in March 20 January 2016
Dutch IP Regime to be Amended based on BEPS Project Outcomes 20 January 2016
EU Tax Commissioner on Tax Reform in 2016 14 January 2016
European Commission Issues Decision that Belgium's Excess Profit Rulings Violate State Aid Rules 12 January 2016
Apple Agrees to Pay EUR 318 Million to Settle Italian Tax Dispute 31 December 2015
CJEU Rules Reincorporation of Losses of an Austrian PE of a German Company following Transfer does not Violate Freedom of Establishment 21 December 2015
BEPS Measures included in Proposed EU Council Directive on a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base 18 December 2015
Automatic Financial Account Information Exchange Agreement between the EU and San Marino Signed 10 December 2015
EU Council Adopts Directive on Automatic Exchange of Information on Tax Rulings and APAs 10 December 2015
Luxembourg Announces it will Appeal FIAT State Aid Decision 8 December 2015
Update - EU Commission Opens Formal Investigation into Luxembourg's Tax Treatment of McDonald's 7 December 2015
European Parliament Approves Second Special Committee on Tax Rulings 7 December 2015
EU Commission Planning to Look into Luxembourg State Aid Issues Concerning McDonalds 3 December 2015
EU Parliament Committee asks Commission to Introduce Legislation for EU Tax Reform 3 December 2015
EU Parliament Passes Resolution on TAXE Committee Report for Tax Reform 1 December 2015
EU Commission Rejects Member States' Request to Apply Reverse Charge for VAT on All Transactions over EUR 10,000 6 November 2015
EU Commission Looking into Dutch State Aid Issues Concerning Microsoft, GlaxoSmithKline and Others 4 November 2015
Automatic Information Exchange Agreement between the EU and Liechtenstein Signed 30 October 2015
EU TAXE Committee Approves Draft Report on Tax Rulings and other Measures Similar in Nature or Effect 28 October 2015
EU Commission Announces Decision that Illegal Tax Advantages were Provided in FIAT and Starbucks State Aid Cases 22 October 2015
TAXE Committee Publishes Reports on EU IP Regimes, Tax Rulings, Exchange of Information and other Tax Issues 20 October 2015
EU Updates List of Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions for Tax Purposes 15 October 2015