European Union Tax News

ECOFIN Expects the Automatic Exchange of Tax Rulings in the EU to be Finalized by the End of the Year 24 June 2015
Several Jurisdictions and the OECD Voice Concerns with the EU Commission's list of Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions 23 June 2015
EU Commission Launches Consultation on Corporate Tax Transparency including Options for Implementing CbC Reporting Requirements 19 June 2015
Italy VAT Split-Payment System Approved by EU Commission 18 June 2015
European Commission Announces Action Plan for Corporate Taxation in the EU 18 June 2015
CJEU Advocate General Finds that French Group Tax Rule Violates Freedom of Establishment in Recent Opinion 16 June 2015
European Parliament Publishes List of Companies that have Refused to Meet with the Special Committee on Tax Rulings 11 June 2015
European Commission Rejects Italian Request to apply the Reverse-Charge for Supplies of Goods to the Large Retail Sector 4 June 2015
European Commission Agrees on the Need for New Approach to Corporate Taxation in the EU 2 June 2015
Automatic Information Exchange Agreement between the EU and Switzerland Signed 1 June 2015
Amazon Changes EU Tax Structure to Book Revenue in Countries where Customers are Located 28 May 2015
German Exit Tax on Transfer of Assets to EU PE Compatible with EU Law 27 May 2015
EU to Discuss Minimum Corporate Tax Rate across the Union 27 May 2015
EU Parliament Approves New Anti-Money Laundering Rules including Central Registers for Beneficial Ownership 21 May 2015
European Parliament Legal Affairs Committee Approves Revisions to Shareholder Rights Directive 8 May 2015
European Commission Lays out Plans for a Digital Single Market in the EU 7 May 2015
EU Commissioner Speaks on Agenda for Taxation in the Single Market 1 May 2015
The Council of the European Union Adopts New Anti-Money Laundering Rules including Central Registers for Beneficial Ownership Information 21 April 2015
European Commission to Consider Changes to the VAT Mini One Stop Shop 10 April 2015
European Commission Launches Preliminary Inquiry into Luxembourg Tax Rulings for McDonald's 2 April 2015
European Parliament Passes Resolution Setting its Tax Work Agenda 26 March 2015
Luxembourg to Increase VAT Rate on E-Books While Other EU Countries Pushing to be Allowed to Use Reduced Rates 23 March 2015
Negotiations Concluded for Automatic Exchange of Information Agreement between the EU and Switzerland 20 March 2015
European Commission Presents Tax Transparency Package Including the Automatic Exchange of Information on Cross-Border Tax Rulings 19 March 2015
European Commission Publishes First Report of the Expert Group on the Implementation of Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information 17 March 2015
EU Commission Launches Formal State Aid Investigation into Hungarian Advertising Tax 12 March 2015
The EU Parliament Group Releases Roadmap for the Committee on Tax Rulings 10 March 2015
CJEU Holds that France and Luxembourg Infringed EU VAT Law by Applying Reduced VAT Rates to E-Books 6 March 2015
European Commission to Propose Tax Transparency Package in March 19 February 2015
EC Launches State Aid Investigation into Danish Fat Tax 10 February 2015