European Union Tax News

Reasoned Opinion Sent to Portugal on Transposition of the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive 24 May 2022
Spanish National High Court issues new favorable decision on reclaims by non-Spanish sovereign funds 24 May 2022
European Parliament Approves Commission Proposal for Global Minimum Tax 20 May 2022
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 46) | Is your organization ready to meet growing global demands for tax governance? 17 May 2022
European Commission Opens Feedback Period on Proposed Debt-Equity Bias Reduction Allowance 17 May 2022
European Commission Phasing Out State Aid COVID Temporary Framework 16 May 2022
European Parliament to Support Global Minimum Tax in Upcoming Plenary Session 16 May 2022
European Commission Proposes Debt Equity Bias Reduction Allowance to Promote Equity Investment 13 May 2022
European Commission Approves Additional Italian Schemes to Support the Tourism Sector 13 May 2022
European Parliament Approves Proposed Extension of VAT Reverse Charge and Quick Reaction Mechanisms 11 May 2022
European Commission proposes Directive to tackle debt-equity bias in taxation 11 May 2022
European Commission Approves Italian Scheme to Support the Tourism Sector 10 May 2022
European Parliament Adopts Resolution on Conclusions of the Conference on the Future of Europe Including End of Unanimity in Council 6 May 2022
EU Court Holds Belgian Requirement to Report on Tourist Accommodation Transactions is Not Contrary to EU Law 29 April 2022
EU to Suspend all Duties on Imports from Ukraine 29 April 2022
Portugal | European Court of Justice decision on withholding tax applicable on dividends distributed to nonresident Undertakings for Collective Investment 25 April 2022
European Commission Approves German Scheme to Support Companies in Context of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine 22 April 2022
EU General Court Mostly Upholds Decision that Gibraltar Granted Illegal State Aid with Exemption Regime for Interest and Royalties and Related Tax Rulings 15 April 2022
PE Watch: Latest developments and trends, April 2022 14 April 2022
Council Decision Published Authorizing Continued Application of Poland's VAT Split Payment System 13 April 2022
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 45) | What 2022 may hold for global tax policy and controversy 12 April 2022
EU Council Directive Published Amending Rules on Reduced VAT Rates 12 April 2022
OECD releases Consultation document: Crypto-Asset Reporting Framework and Amendments to the Common Reporting Standard 12 April 2022
European Commission Infringement Package for April 2022 Includes Issues with Germany's Taxation of Dividends and Interest Paid to Charities 8 April 2022
Advocate General Finds DAC6 Notification Requirement for Lawyers Covered by Professional Privilege Does Not Infringe Privacy Rights 7 April 2022
Poland Remains Last Holdout on EU Directive for Global Minimum Tax 6 April 2022
European Commission Consulting on New EU Withholding Tax System to Avoid Double Taxation 6 April 2022
EU Finance Ministers continue negotiations to adopt Pillar Two Directive in light of Poland’s remaining objection 6 April 2022
Estonia and Poland Remain Opposed to Global Minimum Tax in the EU 1 April 2022
Latest Compromise Text on Global Minimum Tax in the EU Allows Further Delay for Member States with Few In-Scope Groups 30 March 2022