European Union Tax News

European Commission unveils latest plan regarding fast tracking of renewables, hydrogen and biomethane to replace gas imports from Russia to the EU 16 March 2022
EU Finance Ministers express broad support for compromise text for Pillar Two Directive which includes a one-year delay of the implementation timeline, but no unanimous agreement yet 16 March 2022
EY Global Tax Controversy Flash Newsletter (Issue 44) | Operating model design: The importance of keeping controversy front of mind 15 March 2022
European Commission Publishes Taxation and Customs Union Department Management Plan for 2022 14 March 2022
EU Parliament Adopts Recommendations for Withholding Tax Reform and Tax System Simplification 14 March 2022
Advocate General Finds that Germany May Disallow Deduction of Final Losses of Non-Resident PE Where Such PE is Exempt Under a Tax Treaty 11 March 2022
European Commission Plan for More Affordable, Secure, and Sustainable Energy Includes Guidance on Windfall Profits Tax 10 March 2022
Italian Tax Authorities issue resolution on Mandatory Disclosure Rules 1 March 2022
Russia Added to EU Non-Cooperative Grey List 25 February 2022
EU Member States adopt revised list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes 25 February 2022
European Commission to Consider VAT Waiver to Support Joint Procurement and Joint Ownership of Defence Capabilities 24 February 2022
G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Remain Committed to OECD's Two-Pillar Solution 23 February 2022
European Commission Proposes Extension of VAT Reverse Charge and Quick Reaction Mechanisms 23 February 2022
Italy issues final guidance on hybrid mismatches 23 February 2022
Proposed Council Implementing Decision Published Authorizing Slovenia to Extend Increased VAT Registration Threshold 22 February 2022
European Parliament Adopts Resolution on the Impact of National Tax Reforms on the EU economy 18 February 2022
Estonia Opposed to Mandatory Implementation of Minimum Tax in the EU 17 February 2022
European Commission Approves Cypriot Scheme for Investment in Innovative SMEs 16 February 2022
European Commission Closes Infringement Proceedings with France Regarding Taxation of Foreign Investment Funds Capital Gains 15 February 2022
French Presidency Looking to Push for Harmonized B2B E-Invoicing Requirements Across the EU 14 February 2022
PE Watch: Latest developments and trends, February 2022 10 February 2022
Members of European Parliament Put Forward Proposals for Fairer and Simpler Taxation to Help the Economic Recovery 7 February 2022
Russia to be Added to EU Non-Cooperative Grey List 7 February 2022
European Court of Auditors Issues Report on Energy Taxation, Carbon Pricing, and Energy Subsidies 3 February 2022
France Authorized to Implement Mandatory E-Invoicing from 2024 2 February 2022
CJEU rules that Spain’s penalty regime for failure to report overseas assets and rights to tax authorities is contrary to EU law 1 February 2022
Code of Conduct Group (Business Taxation) Work Programme Under the French Presidency 28 January 2022
Withholding Tax Resolution Adopted by European Parliament Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee 27 January 2022
Council Implementing Decision Published Authorizing Belgium to Extend VAT Exemption Threshold 25 January 2022
EU Removes Ghana from List of High-Risk Third Countries 25 January 2022