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14.3. Calendar of Important Compliance Events

Tax Year

The tax year in Guinea is the calendar year.

Tax Return Filing

Annual tax returns must be filed by 30 April of the following year.

Tax Payments

Advance tax payments are due in two installments payable, respectively, on 15 June and 15 September of the tax year. Each installment is 33.33%  of the previous year’s tax liability. The balance corporate tax due for the year must be paid by the tax return due date, i.e., by 30 April of the following year. Newly created enterprises are exempted from the payment of advance tax payments during the initial 12 months of their existence.

The annual minimum tax is payable by 15 January of the following year.

Effective 1 January 2021, an option of payment of tax in installments is provided to taxpayers with cash flow issues and payment deferrals in case of natural disasters.

Effective 1 January 2021, the withholding of advance income tax payment, previously limited to local purchases by taxpayers not registered for VAT, is extended to the following taxpayers:

  • Shipping companies, foreign non-governmental organizations, and cooperation and development agencies; and
  • Subcontractors registered for VAT.

Availability of E-Filing

On 4 September 2020, Guinea officially launched eTax Guinée, an online e-filing and e-payment platform. Effective 1 January 2021, Guinea has extended the use of this platform to all taxpayers.

Earlier, the service was available only to enterprises falling within the jurisdiction of the tax administration’s Large Taxpayers Division.