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3.1. Corporate Tax Residence

A company is deemed to be resident if incorporated in Jersey or if its business is managed from therein.

A company incorporated in Jersey may still be deemed a non-resident, if tax resident elsewhere and the tax charge in the jurisdiction of residence is at least 10% (20% prior to 1 January 2016).

Effective 1 January 2019, Jersey has introduced laws in relation to economic substance requirements which are required to be fulfilled by companies’ resident in Jersey and engaged in relevant activities (see Sec. 13.5. for details).

Effective 1 January 2020, Jersey has introduced a new requirement for body corporate to notify the Comptroller within 6 months of:

  • Becoming resident for tax purposes in Jersey, or becoming regarded as resident due to its business being managed and controlled in Jersey; or
  • Acquiring a source of income which would, if amounting to a profit or gain, give rise to the tax liability for the entity in Jersey.