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8.1.2. Other Taxes

The following table provides an overview of other taxes that may be imposed on a company doing business in the country.

Tax Type Rate(s) Notes
Capital Duty Nil There is no capital duty in Saint Lucia.
Payroll Tax No There is no payroll tax separately due by companies on their total payroll expenditure. Employers are required to withhold income tax and social security premiums on behalf of their employees under the PAYE system.
Social Security Employer Contribution 5% Employers are required to make National Insurance Corporate (NIC) contributions at the rate of 5% of employees' gross salary up to a maximum of XCD 250 per month, capped at a monthly salary of XCD 5,000.
Social Security Employee Contribution 5% Employees are required to make NIC contributions for retirement, sickness, and disability at the rate of 5% of gross salary up to a maximum of XCD 250 per month, capped at a monthly salary of XCD 5,000, which is withheld by the employer.
Stamp Duty Varies depending on the type of document and transaction Stamp duty is levied on any document that evidences a legal or contractual relationship between two or more parties. The stamp duty may be levied at a fixed rate or at ad valorem rates, depending on the type of document and transaction. Stamp duty on real property is due at 2.5% to 5% for resident sellers (10% for non-resident sellers) and 2% for resident as well as non-resident purchasers.
Transfer Tax Varies See 'Stamp Duty' above
Property Tax 0.4% & 0.25% Property tax is levied on the owner of the property. Tax on commercial property is payable at the rate of 0.4% and on residential property at 0.25% of the open market value of the property. A three-year exemption from property tax applies for new commercial properties completed after 1 April 2001.
Customs Duty 5% - 45% Customs duty is levied on various items imported into Saint Lucia in accordance with CARICOM Common External Tariff. Certain items are granted exemption from customs duties such as raw materials and plant and machinery used in manufacturing and certain items imported by hotels under construction, extension, or refurbishing projects.
Excise Duty 15% - 85% Excise duties are imposed on domestically produced goods, namely, liquor, beer, and cigarettes, and fuel if imported by a wholesaler.