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8.1.1. Other Taxes

The following table provides an overview of other taxes that may be imposed on a company doing business in the country.

Tax Type Rate(s) Notes
Capital Duty
Payroll Tax 3.50% Levied on gross amount of wages, salaries, and similar remuneration paid by taxable persons to their personnel.
Social Security Employer Contribution 21.90% Payable on gross wages and salaries, including fringe benefits, and is deductible for corporate income tax purposes. The minimum monthly wage (basis) for social security contribution purposes is 28,460 CFA francs.
Social Security Employee Contribution 6.66% Computed as percentage of employee's total monthly remuneration at a rate 3.60% for old age, disability and survivors, and 3.06% for sickness and maternity. Employer is responsible to withhold and remit amount due.
Property Tax 3% Applied on value of buildings and developed lands
Transfer Tax 7% to 15% Registration duty at the rate of 15% applies for the transfer of immovable property in Mali, but is reduced to 7% for: unregistered residential buildings; buildings acquired by a company for business use via a lease contract; and buildings acquired by companies for business use, and which are registered as company assets. Immovable property situated abroad is subject to a fixed rate of 1% if the transfer deed is registered in Mali. A fixed duty of 6,000 CFA francs applies for the transfer of shares in a joint-stock company and units in a limited liability company, and for the transfer of negotiable bonds and other securities.
Stamp Duty Varies Levied according to the size of deed. Rate is 6,000 CFA francs for registered paper (Size 42 x 59.4), 3,000 CFA francs for normal paper, and 1,500 CFA francs for half a sheet of normal paper. Deeds related to the formation of a company are exempt.
Excise Taxes Varies Applies only to certain listed products, whether imported, manufactured or extracted locally, including cola nuts; alcoholic and sparkling drinks; tobacco; firearms and ammunition; and mineral products. Levied according to the customs duty rules for imported products, and according to the VAT rules for goods locally manufactured. Computed on an ad valorem basis or according to turnover.
Customs Duty 0% to 20% Levied on customs value of most imported goods at rates between 0-20%. Most goods from member countries of the West African Economic and Monetary Union are exempt if the importing company has been approved.
Hydrocarbon and Mining Activity Taxes and Levies Varies Hydrocarbon and mining activities are subject to various taxes and levies, including hydrocarbon research and exploitation agreement duties up to 5 million CFA francs, oil and gas royalties up to 15%, mining license fees up to 5 million CFA francs in research phase and up to 100 million CFA francs in exploitation phase, annual surface taxes, and others.
Export Taxes 3% Levied on the exports of cotton and gold at a rate of 3%
Financial Transactions Tax 15% Applies on the income of banks, financial institutions, and exchange agents derived from financial transaction activities. Is deductible for corporate income tax purposes.
Insurance Tax 5%; 20% Applies on premiums paid to both resident and non-resident insurers at a rate of 5% for air insurance, maritime insurance, river insurance and land insurance, and a rate of 20% for other types of insurance.