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Namibia, officially the Republic of Namibia, is a country in Southern Africa bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. It shares land borders with Zambia, Angola, Botswana, and South Africa. The largest economic sectors are mining, agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. At least 25% of Namibia's revenue is contributed through mining. Namibia is the fourth largest exporter of non-fuel minerals in Africa and the world's fourth largest producer of uranium. The capital of Namibia is Windhoek.

The currency of Namibia is the Namibian Dollar (NAD) and South African Rand (ZAR). The rand is still legal tender, as the Namibian dollar is pegged to the South African rand and can be exchanged on a one-to-one basis locally.


CC Close Corporation
CFC Controlled Foreign Company
CIT Corporate Income Tax
DTA Double Tax Agreement
EPZ Export Processing Zone
NAD Namibian Dollar
NRST Non-Resident Shareholder Tax
PE Permanent Establishment
SACU Southern African Customs Union
VAT  Value Added Tax
WHT Withholding Tax
ZAR South African Rand