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2.1. Main Formation Requirements

The following outlines the main steps for establishing a company in Thailand:

  • Reserve the company name, which must be unique
  • Draft and file the memorandum of association, which must include
    • The company name (reserved)
    • The province where the company will be located
    • The object of the business
    • Details of the founding promoters
    • The capital amount and number of shares
  • Hold a statutory meeting for the approval of the articles of incorporation and bylaws, election of the Board of Directors, and appointment of an auditor
  • Deposit the initial paid-in capital
  • Submit an application including the articles of association for registration of the company within 3 months of holding the statutory meeting

The entire company registration process can be completed online via the Department of Business Development website in a single day if all documentation is in order.

Following company registration, the company must register with the Revenue Department for a tax ID number within 60 days of incorporation.