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Bhutan Tax News

Thailand to Negotiate Tax Treaties and Treaty Protocols with Eight Countries
Apr 29, 2019
Bhutan Approves Pending Tax Treaty with Bangladesh
Jun 27, 2018
Update - Tax Treaty between Bangladesh and Bhutan
Nov 28, 2017
Tax Treaty between Bangladesh and Bhutan Signed
Apr 20, 2017
Bangladesh to Sign Tax Treaties with Bhutan and Qatar
Mar 07, 2017
Pakistan Approves Signature of Protocol to SAARC Tax Treaty
Sep 16, 2016
World Bank Publishes Global Corruption Survey Data in Relation to Taxation, Licensing and Other Areas of Doing Business
Aug 22, 2016
OECD Holds Inaugural Meeting for the BEPS Multilateral Instrument
Nov 12, 2015
Tax Treaty between Bangladesh and Bhutan under Negotiation
Oct 16, 2015
OECD Publishes Final BEPS Package
Oct 06, 2015
OECD Announces that Work on the BEPS Multilateral Instrument is Underway
Jun 02, 2015
Tax Treaty between India and Bhutan in Force
Sep 12, 2014