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Saudi Arabia Revises Withholding Tax Provisions — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

Saudi Arabia reportedly published Resolution No. 25 from the Ministry of Finance in the Official Gazette on 12 September 2023, which revises the provisions regarding withholding tax on payments to non-residents. The revisions provide that non-residents are subject to (withholding) tax on any amount they receive from any source in Saudi Arabia, including at the following main rates:

  • Dividends - 5%
  • Interest - 5%
  • Royalties or rents - 15%
  • Technical or consulting services - 5%

The key change is in regard to the withholding tax rate on technical or consulting services, with the increased rate of 15% no longer applicable on technical or consulting service payments to the head office or associated companies, which are instead subject to the standard 5% rate. Further details on the resolution will be published once available.