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Global Minimum Tax Solution

Get ready for Pillar 2: Assess, Report, Comply and Forecast
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The Orbitax Global Minimum Tax Solution addresses all OECD Pillar 2 calculations for reporting, GloBE Information Returns (GIR), transmission and planning based on local country implementation supported by the tax rules of more than 190 countries.

Calculate your transitional safe harbour exemptions, the global minimum top-up tax including the qualified domestic minimum top up tax (QDMTT), the income inclusion rule (IIR), the undertaxed payments rule (UTPR), and the subject to tax rule (STTR) with our Pillar 2 calculator.

Our Pillar Two software is cloud based, supports any form of data input and can integrate with your existing systems using next generation workflow technology to enable collaboration among internal and external stakeholders worldwide.

Pillar 2 Calculations

Automated Workflows Powered by E.A.T.

Tax Rules and Compliance for over 190 Countries

Connections with 90+ ERP & Tax Authority Systems

The BEPS 2.0 rules introduce a sea change to global corporate tax, resulting in an upheaval in international tax rules not seen for almost 100 years.

The two pillars are estimated to levy a total of $275 billion in additional taxes annually on the ten thousand plus MNEs impacted by the rules.

GMT Calculation Templates

The Calculation templates are part of the Orbitax Global Tax Calculator and are maintained in an Excel-like format that can be viewed online or downloaded for local viewing in Excel. The templates are organized with separate areas for inputs, calculations and reports with a full audit trail available for all stakeholder interactions inside the template including review and sign-off.

Reports & Forms

The Orbitax Global Minimum Tax Solution will support all local country filing requirements (GloBE Information Returns) including e-filings where supported.

Get a complete report view in Microsoft Power BI. This includes multiple configurable visuals for viewing and presenting results summaries, scenario comparisons, and year-over-year changes.

Load Data

Load entity data, transaction data and financial data from any source - in any format.

Tax Data - Required tax data is automatically populated from the ITP database for different entities and cross-border transactions, including corporate tax rates, withholding tax rates, deductible percentages, and taxable percentages.

Integrate directly with other API-enabled systems

Automate the collection of data from individual contributors through Excel, PDF, and data surveys.

Data Transformation - Irrespective of the data format, once loaded in Orbitax GMT, data is converted into a common format (.qnr) and can be used throughout the Orbitax International Tax Platform.

Data Mapping – use the intuitive data mapping tool to connect the source data to the corresponding data fields in GMT

Next Gen Workflows with E.A.T.

A built-in workflow tool, the Orbitax Executable Actions Tool (E.A.T.), can automate tasks such as data collection, calculation, report generation, population of compliance forms, and final transmission to tax authorities.

E.A.T. provides total control of workflows customized according to different data needs, with visual review and tracking to easily make refinements as the workflow is deployed.

Share & File

The platform allows you to share or file with local tax authorities, connect to and transmit data to other software solutions, such as ONESOURCE Tax Provision, and provide reports and customized insights to others inside and outside your organization.

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