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Worldwide Tax News

Australia Consulting on Integrity Measure to Prevent Distribution of Franking Credits Funded by Capital Raising

The Australian Treasury has launched a public consultation on draft legislation for the introduction of an integrity measure to prevent the distri...

Azerbaijan - Singapore
Tax Treaty between Azerbaijan and Singapore Under Negotiation

According to a release from the Azerbaijan State Tax Service, officials from Azerbaijan and Singapore met on 23 September 2022 to hold negotiation...

Belgium Clarifies Reduced VAT Rate for Masks and Hydroalcoholic Gels Until End of Year

Belgium's Federal Public Service (SPF) Finance has issued a release on Circular 2022/C/90 of 19 September 2022, which concerns the extension of t...

Finland Consulting on New Mining Tax

The Finnish Ministry of Finance has launched a public consultation on a proposed mining tax on minerals extracted in Finland. The tax would be a s...

French Finance Bill for 2023 Submitted in National Assembly Including Repeal of CVAE in Stages

The French National Assembly has published the Finance Bill for 2023, which was submitted on 26 September 2022. One important measure of the Finan...

German Government issues draft order decree law on cross-border transfer of function rules

The German Government published a draft order decree law on 31 August 2022 to update the existing Order Decree Law on Transfer of Business Functions.T...

Greece Abolishes Special Solidarity Contribution in 2023 and Introduces New Corresponding Adjustment Provisions for Transfer Pricing

Greece published Law No. 4972/2022 in the Official Gazette on 23 September 2022, which contains various measures including certain tax measures. On...

Hong Kong - OECD
Hong Kong Starts Legislative Process to Give Effect to BEPS MLI

The Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department has announced the start of the legislative process to give effect to the Multilateral Convention to Implem...

Ireland - European Union
European Commission Approves Irish Scheme to Support Development Cultural Digital Games

The European Commission has announced its approval of an Irish scheme to support the development of cultural digital games. --- State aid: Commi...

Isle Of Man
Isle of Man Reminds Taxpayer of Upcoming Personal Income Tax Return Deadline

The Isle of Man Government published a reminder on 27 September 2022 regarding the upcoming deadline for personal income tax returns. --- Deadl...

Maldives to Increase GST Rates

The Maldives government reportedly submitted a draft bill in parliament on 14 September 2022 to increase the current GST rates. This includes an in...

Malta Increases Interest Rate on Unpaid VAT and Revises Increase for Income Tax

Malta published Legal Notice 227 of 2022 and Legal Notice 228 of 2022 on 14 September 2022, which contain the Value Added Tax (Rate of Interest)...

Russia - Latvia
Russia Suspends Tax Treaty with Latvia

Russia has published Presidential Decree No. 668 of 26 September 2022 in the Official Gazette, which provides for the suspension of the 2010 incom...

Tanzania - United Arab Emirates
Tax Treaty between Tanzania and the UAE Signed

On 27 September 2022, officials from Tanzania and the United Arab Emirates signed an income tax treaty. The treaty is the first of its kind between...