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6.3. Depreciation and Amortization

Fixed assets (excluding land) are depreciated / amortized using straight-line method over the useful life of the asset. Following are the useful economic lives of various assets:

Assets Useful Economic Life (years)
Buildings and construction 40
Machinery and equipment 10
Computers, computer parts, software 3
Intangible assets with indefinite useful life 10
Intangible assets with definite useful life (includes license for mineral exploration and extraction) (refer note 1) Validity period
Other non-current assets 10
Manufacturing building and facilities and buildings within technology park 20
Machineries, equipment, technical parts of machinery used in the technology park, unit of production  3

Note 1: The cost base for calculating depreciation on a mineral exploration and extraction license is the sum of its purchase price and fees paid for the ownership and transference of such license.