Fiji Tax News

Multiple Countries Committed to Joining BEPS Inclusive Framework
Dec 07, 2017
Fiji Provides Details on Transitional Tax Arising from Repeal of Tax on Dividends
Jul 20, 2017
New Tax Treaty between New Zealand and Fiji under Negotiation
Jul 05, 2017
Signing Ceremony Held for BEPS Multilateral Instrument
Jun 08, 2017
Vietnam to Negotiate Tax Treaties with Fiji and Mauritius
Nov 21, 2016
World Bank Publishes Global Corruption Survey Data in Relation to Taxation, Licensing and Other Areas of Doing Business
Aug 22, 2016
Negotiations Ongoing for Protocol to Tax Treaty between Fiji and New Zealand
Jun 21, 2016
UK Announces Tax Treaty and Protocol Negotiation Plans
Nov 18, 2015
OECD Holds Inaugural Meeting for the BEPS Multilateral Instrument
Nov 12, 2015
OECD Publishes Final BEPS Package
Oct 06, 2015
Tax Treaty between Fiji and Thailand under Negotiation
Jun 10, 2015
OECD Announces that Work on the BEPS Multilateral Instrument is Underway
Jun 02, 2015
Qatar Approves Tax Treaty with Fiji
May 14, 2015
Tax Treaty between India and Fiji has Entered into Force
Aug 14, 2014
Protocol to the Tax Treaty between New Zealand and Fiji Under Negotiation
Aug 04, 2014
Tax Treaty between China and Fiji under Negotiation
Jun 13, 2014