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Turkey Publishes Announcements on Beneficial Owners Notification Form — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

Turkey's Revenue Administration published an announcement on the Internet Tax Office Services portal on 16 August 2021 regarding the notification form for ultimate real beneficiaries (beneficial owners). As previously reported, Turkey published Tax Procedure Law General Communiqué No. 529 in July 2021, which provides the regulations for the determination of beneficial owners of corporate taxpayers, collective companies, limited partnerships, ordinary partnerships, and trusts, as well as their notification to the Revenue Administration. The latest announcement confirms who can submit the notification form, including:

  • Corporate taxpayers;
  • The person authorized to represent a company or a partner in collective companies;
  • One of the limited partners in an anonymous limited partnership;
  • The person with the highest shareholding in an ordinary partnership; and
  • The director or trustees of a trust or similar foreign organization whose head office is in Turkey or whose manager is resident in Turkey.

According to a separate announcement dated 10 August, the notification form is available via the "Other Notification and Information Entries" menu in the Internet Tax Office. The initial notification deadline is 31 August 2021.