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UAE Cabinet Approves Resolution on Foreign Direct Investment and Ownership — Orbitax Tax News & Alerts

The UAE Cabinet has reportedly approved Resolution No. 16 of 2020, which confirms the economic sectors and activities eligible for up to 100% ownership through foreign direct investment (the positive list). Previously, foreign investment in a UAE company was generally limited to 49% ownership, although the possibility for 100% ownership was provided via Federal Decree-Law No. 19 of September 2018. Resolution No. 16 confirms the positive list of 122 activities eligible for full 100% ownership in the following sectors:

  • agriculture;
  • manufacturing;
  • transport and storage;
  • hospitality and food services;
  • information and communications;
  • science and technology;
  • healthcare;
  • education;
  • arts and entertainment; and
  • construction.

The resolution also sets out minimum capital requirements for each activity, as well as other requirements and conditions for certain business activities. Further details will be published once available.