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Bosnia and Herzegovina — Orbitax Country Chapters
2.1. Main Formation Requirements

Businesses operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina are required to register with the Municipal Court and obtain a certificate of function.

Key steps to be followed for registering a company are:

  • Founders / shareholders must establish a founding act which includes information like name of the new company, articles of association of the company, list of shareholders or owners, address of the company and shareholders, amount of share capital etc
  • Founding act and the statute of company must be certified by the Notary
  • Open an account in commercial bank and deposit the entire capital required for setting up the company. The bank shall issue a ‘certificate of payment’ to be submitted alongwith other documents for registration with the competent court (municipality court)
  • Payment of applicable registration fees and obtaining registration of company from  the competent court
  • Obtain statement from tax authorities confirming that the shareholders do not have any tax debt
  • Obtaining company seal, registering the company at tax administration
  • Obtain service permission from Municipality Bureau of Economic after submitting necessary documents.