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Greenland is an autonomous constituent country within the Kingdom of Denmark between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. It is the world’s largest island. The Greenlandic economy is highly dependent on fishing. Fishing accounts for more than 90% of Greenland's exports. Greenland is abundant in minerals.

Greenland's currency is the Danish krone (DKK).


CIT Corporate Income Tax
CFC Controlled Foreign Company
DKK Danish Krone
DCCA Danish Business Authority
EU European Union
GER Greenlandic Business Register
LLC / ApS Limited Liability Company / Anpartsselskab
NIF / TIN Tax Identification Number
OECD Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
PLC / A/S Public Limited Company / Aktieselskab
PE Permanent Establishment
TP Transfer Pricing
WHT Withholding Tax