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2.1. Main Formation Requirements

Key steps to be followed for registering a company are:

  • Reserving a company name and preparing the incorporation documents such as article of incorporation, notice of director, notice of company’s registered office etc. by a lawyer
  • Registering the company with the Commercial Registry
  • Obtaining a company seal (not mandatory)
  • Obtaining a taxpayer identification number from Inland Revenue Department, registering as an employer with a social security institute i.e. the National Insurance Corporation

For setting-up a branch of a foreign company, following documents are needed:

  • Name of the company;
  • Details of incorporation of the foreign company such as the jurisdiction within which the foreign company is incorporated, date and manner of incorporation, particulars of corporate instruments
  • Liability of the shareholders or members of the company;
  • Details of authorized, subscribed and paid-up capital of the company.
  • Details of registered or head office of the company outside Saint Lucia;
  • Details of directors;
  • Details of business that the company intends to carry on in Saint Lucia and the date from which the company intends to commence its business in Saint Lucia;