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2.1. Main Formation Requirements

The establishment of a company in Monaco involves the submission of a number of documents with various government departments depending on the nature of the company.

The following outlines the basic requirements for establishment:

Establishing a Company:

  • Apply for approval with the Department of Economic Growth by submitting the following documents:
    • Completed form from the Economic Expansion Department
    • A formal request for approval addressed to the Minister of State
    • Particulars of the shareholders
    • Certificate of clean police record for the shareholders
    • Details of the company's office premises
  • Following approval, the company must be announced in the Journal de Monaco
  • Register with the Commerce & Industry Register (non-trading companies register with the non-trading register

Establishing an administrative office or branch/agency:

  • Apply for approval with the Minister of State by submitting the following documents:
    • Certified copies of the articles of association of the parent company
    • Parent company’s registration certificate
    • The directive for opening an office in Monaco
    • Copy of parent company's annual accounts for 3 preceding years
    • Details of the office premises
    • Particulars of the representative appointed
    • A report on the structure of the company, including date of creation, main activities, countries of operation, etc.